2016 Race Results

2016 Race Results

Community Mixed Division

Community Mixed 1st Place Champions – Rock Your Gypsy Soul
Community Mixed 2nd Place – Serpent Slayers
Community Mixed 3rd Place – Khalseesi

Community Women’s Division

Community Women’s 1st Place Champions – Lady Yakkersll

Club Women’s Division

Club Women’s 1st Place Champions – Off The Edge
Club Women’s 2nd Place – Team Survivor Madison

Club Mixed Division

Club Mixed Division Champions – Paddlin for MB
Club Mixed Division 2nd Place – Arashi
Club Mixed Division 3rd Place – Motley Blue

Business Division Champions –RRG Red Dragons
Family & Friends Division Champions – Wisconsin Power Paddlers
Health Care Division Champions – Electrode Paddlers
Lake Association Division Champions – Trout Lake Property Owners Association
School/Non-Profit Division Champions – Nord 2 the Bone

Special Awards

Fundraising Champions – Lady Yakkers $10,920
Most Festive Drummer – Lady Yakkers
Most Spirited Team Tent – Lady Yakkers

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